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The Wonders in Langkawi

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 The Wonders in Langkawi 

~ Loh Pei Xuann ~

I went to Langkawi a month ago,
And saw many interest things,
All the prices there are low,
That’s why I bought many rings.

There are many wonders in Langkawi,
Like the place called Kota Mahsuri,
About which is told the legend,
Of the curse of Princess Mahsuri.

There’s also the lake of pregnant maiden,
Where a dead child lies below,
It was thrown by the maiden,
Whose husband had been by his foes.

Oh, I love Pulau Langkawi,
With its wonders and beautiful places,
I hope to go again to Langkawi,
This time to witness the boat races.

30 July 2012