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My Class is......

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My Class Is ……                   6M Emily Hui Clark
     My class is very interesting. Everyone has different talents and specialties.
Firstly, I would like to introduce Ng Khay Lie, the ‘professor’ of the class, she is intelligent and tops in all the subjects. Next I would like to introduce Chee Weng Yan and Wong Kah Soon the so called ‘clowns’ of my class. They have a great sense of humour and are lots of fun. There is also a ‘singer’, her name is Lim Jie Qi, she loves to sing and she practises it everyday. We have a ‘dancer’ and her name is Tan Xin Wei, she dances asgracefully as a swan and is very flexible. There is a ‘world champion runner’, her name is Tong Wing Yean, her feet are quick and she is very sporty. The ‘princess’ in the class is Chow Sue Jann, she is not only pretty, but she also has an inner beauty. Seah Eason is the ‘unpopular’ in the class. He is naughty but is also funny. He usually gets punished for not doing his homework.
Last but not least is Nur Syahirah. She is an ‘artist’ who has an amazing talent for drawing and wins all the art competitions she participates in.
Yes ! I have a very interesting class, and I’m very blessed to be in this class.